Bali Diving does require a deposit to secure bookings. This is because we need to allocate resources
and instructors to ensure your day goes smoothly. Sadly, in the past, we have had people simply not
turn up for their bookings, change their bookings without notice, argue about price, etc. so it is now
policy to have this agreement supported by a deposit upfront.
I do understand that you would like to pay on the day and therefore avoid any surcharge for credit card/pay pal fees. Pay Pal has a system in which we can accommodate this.
This is how it works. You make the requested deposit by Pay Pal to secure your booking as we have
requested – this will allow us to schedule your program.
When you arrive you pay in cash and we use the “refund” function on Pay Pal which returns all the money’s to your method of payment (bank account, credit card) and also refunds all fees. That way
you can take advantage of the 3% saving by paying cash.
Alternatively, you can provide us your credit card details as a “surety”, we won’t debit your credit


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